Gastronomic journey through Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has long since established itself as a worldwide phenomenon thanks to the growing success of the television series, whose final season will premiere on April 15. What do both the literary saga and the television version have to catch so many people? Our Espinof companions will be able to respond better, but what is clear is that their creators have shaped a fascinating universe, in which food cannot be lacking.

The seven rules you must follow to make the perfect mixed sandwich

The ham and grilled cheese sandwich, mixed sandwich, also known as a bikini in Catalonia, is one of the most popular and easiest sandwiches or sandwiches to make. Today we tell you the seven rules that you must follow to make the perfect mixed sandwich. Paying a little attention to the technique of its elaboration, using good quality ingredients and doing it with love, you will see how your mixed sandwiches improve at home, when you apply these keys.

Wool sale. Traditional restaurant since 1924

Yesterday I took the afternoon off to go on an excursion to the Montes de Málaga natural park. Near the town of Colmenar we had lunch at a sale of the oldest in the area, the Venta Lanada, founded in 1924, and which is preserved in good condition, respecting the original structure. The food is good, but the surroundings and the landscape are even better.

Rice enriched with human genes

The company Ventria Bioscience has developed a new transgenic rice in which human genes have been incorporated in order to hydrate children suffering from diarrhea. Plantations have been carried out in which they have included human genetic material, specifically the genes that are responsible for manufacturing two proteins, lactoferrin and lysozyme, proteins that are found naturally in the tears, milk and saliva of women .

Salmon steak with tamarind sauce

Today I propose this nutritious and delicious recipe for salmon churrasco with tamarind sauce that I have accompanied with stems of garlic flower joint and mushrooms with wok. It is easy to make and diners will be delighted. The ingredients (for 4 people): 4 salmon churrascos with their skin. For the sauce: half a cup of tamarind pulp (roughly equivalent to one cup of pulp with seed), 1 clove of garlic, fresh ginger, salt and pepper to taste.

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The seven most common faults when cooking croquettes (and how to fix them)

A few people know that he does not like croquettes. Now, when you have to make the bechamel, shape them, batter them, and fry them correctly, it seems that all those who had asked us for croquettes disappear from the kitchen. And it is that doing croquettes well as those of the photos that illustrate the article has its intrigues, so today we are going to discover the seven most common failures when cooking croquettes so that they become seven next successes.

Absolut Glimmer for Christmas 2010

If you have a company, even if it is small, you have to act like the big ones. That they already prepare Christmas, because you do the same. I don't say it to say, imitation in success stories is the best. Well, you just have to do something a bit original and that's it. For example, Absolut has already launched this Christmas bottle, Absolut Glimmer.

Potato and smoked salmon strudel. Recipe

Today I only had half an hour to cook something before I went to do some shopping and let's be honest I had pecked a little at noon so I was not very hungry either, so at lunchtime we covered a little and the recipe chosen was this Strudel of potato and smoked salmon. A kind of variant of potatoes with salmon of a lifetime and that I have accompanied with a gratin bechamel sauce.

Santiago restaurant. A classic in Marbella, facing the sea

A few days ago, I was in Malaga on the occasion of presenting a guide with the best tapas in Spain and after doing a tapas route through the Fair, I spent another day there to try Mr. Lobo's great burgers, and then I approached to Marbella where I had dinner at the Santiago Restaurant, a classic facing the sea.

How to make brownie with 3 ingredients and in 15 minutes

We are about to change your lives, to make you the happiest people on the face of the earth - even if only for a few minutes - because we are going to teach you how to make brownies in 15 minutes and with only three ingredients. Yes. You have read well. An amazing three-ingredient brownie of which one is Nutella or any other cocoa and hazelnut cream.

Winemakers, the wine game

It has been presented in Buenos Aires (Argentina) a novel and peculiar game whose theme is the world of wine, it is Winemakers. In this game the participants must obtain the highest possible economic return through the selection of the appropriate strains, the harvest, the production, the elaboration and finally the bottling and labeling.

XIV Sample of the Craft and Quality Sausage of Requena

From February 8 to 11, the Requena Artisan Sausage and Quality Sausage Sample is held in the town of Requena (Valencian Community). All kinds of sausages made by hand will be exhibited and tasted by visitors, in addition, to complete the show, various bakery products and some wines will also be offered together, mainly those belonging to the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin.